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Expert Centre for Chronic Fatigue

The Expert Centre for Chronic Fatigue (ECCF) is a treatment facility and research centre for chronic fatigue. The ECCF is part of the Amsterdam UMC.

  • The ECCF studies chronic fatigue and its determinants, develops interventions and investigates the mechanisms of change of evidence-based treatments for fatigue.
  • The ECCF is also a treatment facility. Each year about 400 patiënts are referred for assessment and/or treatment of chronic fatigue. The interventions applied, mostly cognitive behavioural, are evidence based. Patients can follow individual face to face therapy, web-based therapy and group therapy. Different groups of patients are referred to the ECCF: patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), both adults and adolescents; patients with a chronic illness who suffer from severe fatigue and patients with cancer related fatigue.


Recent projects

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome: the role of pain in the cognitive impairments of CFS/ME patients; an individual patient meta-analysis to study the effects of CBT for CFS/ME; a comparison of patients with Long-Covid and CFS/ME.
  • Chronic fatigue in chronic illness and following infections: comparing the efficacy of face-to-face CBT and web-based CBT for chronic fatigue in MS; investigating determinants of chronic fatigue in Lyme’s disease; investigating the prevalence and determinants of fatigue in patients following COVID-19; a RCT testing the efficacy of CBT for severely fatigued patients following COVID-19.
  • Cancer related fatigue: RCT testing the efficacy of personalized CBT for cancer related fatigue versus protocolized CBT; investigating the care need of patients with cancer related fatigue.



Our research group is a multidisciplinary collaboration of researchers and clinicians. The research group is based in the Amsterdam UMC, location University of Amsterdam.


More Information

If you have any further questions or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact NKCV.


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